Bergomi in the Piazza – Pietrasanta Sculpture 2012

Art is Life

“Giuseppe Bergomi, Scultore” the Brescia-based master’s sculpture exhibition animates the Piazza in Pietrasanta. His bronze nudes stand tall in the “Citta d’Arte’s” center square, uninhibited, bold, unflinching. Bergomi’s art is an exploration of the self – a figurative representation of his models’ inner strength, each perfectly modeled, each reaching out, inviting a dialog with the viewer.

Powerful stuff!

Pietrasanta, in Tuscany’s northwestern coast,  continues to amaze and provoke. Sculpture lives here – again figurative, again masterful, again unabashed.

The photos are by Ebi de Boer, thanks, Ebi!

Giuseppe Brgomi
Mostra Bergomi
Until January 6th, 2013
The Complex of Sant’Agostino,
The show is FREE and open to the public.
For more information: tel  +39 0584 283375 fax +39 0584 284878

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