fashion illustration; paper & ink

red bird suite

As part of my fashion education, I was required to take a fashion illustration course.

I was not good at it.
I was bad at it.

But some people were good at it so let’s talk about that.

One of my friends, Haley Wright, was really good at it. I mean, really good. It helps that she has a background in Fine Art from UBC Okanagan and is a very talented human being just in general, but her illustrations are gorgeous. So she started doing a website and a brand called Paper & Ink Fashion Illustration and I insist you take a look at her work because it is amazing.


I know, right?

But here is the really exciting part: she has paired up with Society6 to sell her amazing pieces online as prints, on t-shirts, hoodies, iPhone/iPad skins and cases, and tote bags.

All her stuff is really…

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