i took myself on a field trip yesterday!

Midwestward Movement

hey look! a post! a post about actual activities instead of just word!spew regarding my boring life. hooray! i took myself on a field trip yesrterday, to the art institute of chicago. i think these field trips are going to become a lot more common… and that i might go to the planetarium tomorrow. but i’m getting ahead of myself.

love museums. this is what happens when you grow up in washington dc — you spend a lot of your spare time as a kid going to the free museums because 1. it is free, 2. your parents just have to make sure you don’t disappear into crowds but otherwise you are entertained and they have very responsibly exposed you to educational information, and 3. it is free. so much amazing for free. which is why when i went to college in boston and walked into the MFA for the first…

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