Ocean View

Tabitha Runk

I went to this terrible, and disgusting, restaurant last night for my friend’s first anniversary of being sober. (Yay her!) It was the most unorganized and ridiculous place I had ever been to. (Right up there with Uncle Fred’s house.) There was Aztec art in one corner, European fresco rip-offs, Mexican music, and a random painted shelf with a painted bottle of vodka. (I have been to the owner’s house to train their dog before. Very nice family.) But it is a terrible town, so I should have expected the restaurant to be terrible too. There are so many people in this town that love the place though! I got a shitty salad that they had prepared that morning, (it didn’t taste like they even rinsed the leafs) and stuck in the fridge, plate and all. It was all flat and dull, if I can describe a salad to be…

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