The first from Nashville

Ruth's Artwork

I sorted out my photos from Nashville earlier this week and, happily, I have over a dozen different streetscapes to choose from.  This doesn’t include if I decide to make some closeups of them.  It’s nice to have a new set started.

I braved the ladybugs again today to take this photo. It is hard to take the pencil photos inside under the flourescents and get anything even remotely visible.  The bugs weren’t too bad because it is cloudy and fairly windy. Because of the size, this pencil up is taking more time than usual.  I think I am going to use the watercolors on this one.  Overall, the buildings were not as colorful as some of the other ones, so I feel free to experiment.  These are basically brown brick with beige and yellow trim.  I think I can liven them up with more color.  I am also debating…

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