The Unique Altar Cabinet on the Island of Leka

The altar cabinet of Leka has motifs of St. Michael and St. Olaf on the outside of the doors (Photo: Arve Kjersheim © Directorate for Cultural Heritage in Norway)


One a stormy night in June 1515, violent winds raged in the North Sea. Escorted by a fleet of 11 Danish and Dutch ships, Princess Isabella was on her way from the Netherlands to Denmark. She was convinced that her ship was going to sink. In her despair, she prayed to God and promised that if she survived she would donate a worthy gift to the church in her new country. Princess Isabella kept her promise.

Today, nearly 500 years later, five magnificent and unique altar cabinets are placed in the churches of Leka, Røst, Ørsta, Hadsel and Grip. The cabinets are part of the so-called ‘Leka group’, all of which was donated by the princess. The altar cabinet on…

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